Robots and changing voice.

I firmly blame the new AI policies for finally driving me back to my own ‘spot’ on the internet, where I own and can protect my own copyright to my images and artwork and can prevent as much AI scraping as possible. It’s sort of funny how everything has come full circle for so many of us, who started out in the wild and wooly days of early ‘oughts by blogging, and now nearly everyone I respect has come back to it, or at least to a Substack- or has left all of social media and internet land behind. I respect them even more. Alas, I can’t quite seem to let go entirely, particularly as a mostly-artist now. It’s a conundrum. So many are jumping ship for an app called Cara, but I’m not sure I want to do that; it just seems like yet another account on another thing that will fade and I’ll forget my login to.

It’s ironic reading back my last post of nearly two years ago. I can state, pretty unequivocally, that I am done preaching to myself. If that happened to be what you liked about my writing, you probably want to jump ship now. It just isn’t my main focus anymore. I often wonder why I felt like I had to try so hard to make sense of things that were just…in-sensible. Even now, with the benefit of hindsight- there is no wrapping what we went through up in some pretty little bow, with a bible verse or some canon literature to explain why it was sucking so bad. It just sucked and in some ways is still sucking. I wish I had been a lot more honest with myself and others about it, a lot sooner. I don’t really feel the need to catch you up on what has happened in the last two years either, to be honest. Is it strange to say that I felt like I wrote myself into a corner? That I felt like the only thing I could come talk about here was all of the crap we were enduring, instead of my art, or thoughts I had about well, just about anything else? I hope you all understand.

I hope you won’t find the tonal shift and how I share here to be jarring. If anything, I hope it will just sound a heck of a lot more like me than it has for oh, maybe the last five or eight years? We will see. I don’t know. I just feel itchy with the desire to shed some layers that don’t serve me anymore and stretch into a new direction. Who knew AI could actually be useful for once? And why can’t they make one that you know, figures out my grocery list and where the cheapest prices are? I ask you.


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  1. I’m grateful you are back. Things are lovelier with you here.

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