I seek to find the art of the everyday.

In the midst of it all, in the mess, and the mundane, so that I remember. Memory. Memoria. It’s where my original blog name came from- the latin word memoria means “mindful” or “remembrance”. I chose it because I was so thick in the raising of six little ones, and I was aching for beauty, for art, and to remember what I was seeking.

Welcome, dear heart, to my studio here.

I hope you will come and rest a while.

I still seek after beauty and the art of the everyday. My six little ones are six very tall ones now, and three have left the nest. I don't spend as much time dealing with the mess as I used to, because the mess makers don't really make messes anymore. Life can still be overwhelming in the mundane though- and I still need to focus and remember. We still continue to homeschool in a classical, eclectic, expansive style, though, I don't talk about it much here anymore, either. After graduating a few, I believe even more that children should be able to learn at their own pace, on their own time table. When I am not attending to my primary vocation as mother and teacher, you will often find me in a tiny corner of my room, painting. Exploring. My skills and style have grown so much in the last five years, and I look forward to what is coming next. I'm so glad you've joined me in the journey.