A day in the life of Lorelei…

Pink_play7(or how I rule the roost, ahem.)

I creep in with mama. Always at a good hour- usually 4 or 5 a.m., and back to sleep I go. But not without emitting an ear piercing wail that would frighten anyone within a 20 mile radius.

Morning time… I am a carb baby. I love my bread. And my yogurt. Do not try to feed me cereal, or any other variation on breakfast foods. I will not be pleased.

Time to get dressed. Momma often dresses me in a dress of a girly color and leggings. Even with the frilliest dress though, people think I am a boy. I like to lift up my dress and show everyone my belly button. It's my particular obsession these days.

I attempt to grow hair. I have a bit of a curl in the back now, but still not enough for barrettes or, heaven forbid, bows. Probably best. Momma ought to know that I'd tear 'em right out even if they did stay in!

Playtime- I love my dollies. I like to line them up all in a row and put a blanket over them. I read and sing to them. I also like to use my brother's cars to race around my dollhouse. If said brothers come within ten feet of my toys, they know what's what. I do not tolerate any bossy brother playing with my things. Did I mention I have a screech that can split glass? I also have a wicked pitch, throwing any available toy blocks in my vicinity in the direction of said brother's head.

Lunchtime— don't you dare try to feed me. Or clean me up. I do it myself! And give me fruit. I must have my banana. Grapes if I am feeling like it. But certainly not kiwi. No can do, and that's for certain.

Naptime—or, mamma's delusional intent to make me go to sleep. Ha! I'll just play with my toys, and  read this book…zZzZzZz

I'm awake and raring to go (how does momma do that?). Now it's time to help. I like to sweep and vacuum and cook.  I take my rag and wipe everything down, just like momma. I especially like pulling all of the pans out of the cupboard and making a big feast, which everyone has to taste. I make them do it by giving them my special smile. How could they resist?

Oooh, look, Ben and Isaiah are building a big city in their room. Lorelei-zilla is here!

Uh-oh. They're really angry! Better run and hide behind momma. But she's making me say sorry! And stand in time-out. Phooey.

MMM…dinner's ready. Time to paint! Oh, you mean the spaghetti sauce is supposed to go on the table? I thought it was a new hair dye!

Off to bath- I am a champion splasher. I love nailing Isaiah with a well-planned wave. I also have many tea parties.

Bedtime…don't I look sweet? Bet you didn't realize just how busy I am! It's hard being the princess and all, but someone's got to do it…


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  1. oh so true!….. i enjoyed reading that 🙂

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