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    A touch of laughter and beauty…

    and okay, okay, it’s one of the favorite songs of choice in our house. The kids have watched this over and over, ad nauseum. It was apparently for a commercial- but still. I bet the train riders had a smile on their face the rest of the day. How could you not?

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    A foreboding quiet…

    This is what happens when it gets just a bit too quiet while you are loading the dishwasher. Your mama radar sounds and you head towards the back of the house, only to find that the littles have gotten into the cabinet under the bathroom sink and lathered each other in very expensive (although very effective) Weleda diaper cream. It was a gift- I have been hoarding and parceling it out with only the worst diaper rashes. But I do have to admit that it has been the only time this winter that neither of them have had those scaly dry patches that seem to be the curse of my fair skinned genes. It was all over the bathroom, and the carpet, and their hair, and, and, and…thank goodness it's made with all natural ingredients, because it looks like they both tried to eat it like frosting.

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    Marble catching mondays…

    "I finally found my marbles!" says 80 year old Tootles in Hook. I am hoping that I'll find mine in half the time and be better for it.  I doubt it though- these kids o' mine have fried the pathways permanently, I'm afraid.

    Marble #1:
    I just realized three days ago (three!!!) that my hair was long enough to braid without French braiding it and not have a million whispies everywhere (which drives me nuts).   Just three days ago! Yet said braid is at least 4-5 inches long, which means my hair has been long enough for oh, three months!  Sleep much?

    Marble #2:
    Drove up to the school (at the university) to drop Ben off this morning, and the parking lots were decidedly empty. Look at James and say "that's odd, we must have missed a memo…" Walk inside to drop him off and note the lack of population to her and say "But I thought exams and graduation weren't over until May 1st…it's still April." Ms. Shanna busts out laughing and says "But Joy, dear, it's MAY 5th…" They say time flies while you're having fun, but sheesh! (Ben is still in school till the 30th)

    Marble #3:
    National Scrapbooking Day was Saturday. I am working on a layout for a challenge at 2 peas (I won Jamie Waters' challenge! Woohoo!) with a Ranger paint dabber. I am moving said paint bottle across page and am a bit puzzled at the lack of, well, paint. Do it again. Still no paint. Pick bottle up. [I know you all are laughing hard already…] Well, dearie, it helps if you take the CAP off!

    Marbles, marbles, do you know where my marbles are?