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Handbook Feb 1-3

Feb 1:  I don’t think I realised how hard it is to render waves until today. It’s a lot harder than I thought! (32/365)

Feb 2:  We finished the Horse and His Boy running errands this afternoon. I was struck by how many times Aslan said this line to different people…the compassion and mercy in his voice as he spoke it, too. Lewis and Tolkien…They knew what it was to live in great darkness. It amazes me how true and good their words are, even now. (33/365)

Feb 3: Lost in thought at twilight, watching the stars come out. (34/365)


The Sing in the Dark canvas was added to the shop this morning.

There will be prints of a few favorites from January soon. Trying to find quality printing is much harder than I expected!

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