Handbook 01.31.17

I found some snow drops today, just as I was moaning and groaning internally about how over it I am of gray skies and cold. And then a bit later the sun came out. Nature has a gentle sense of humor, me thinks. (30/365)

I am caught up and I’ve been working in this handbook for a full month. It has been a fascinating ride so far. I never know where it will go…The point is just to show up. This quote is especially poignant to me. My art only came after great pain. It had always been a part of me, but it took the darkest time for me to finally give it space to flourish. I had to let go of so many things…I will write about it more in depth in the coming month, but for tonight, marking this milestone feels both joyous and bittersweet. (31/365)

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