Handbook 01.04.17



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I was really struck by the moon and Venus the other night and decided to capture it today. I painted the lettering instead of penning it- while it’s beautiful up close, in camera it reads weird. The perfectionist side of me wants to go fix it, and the tired artist mama part of me is winning out and telling me to leave it be.

The full text of the poem (of which I grabbed part) is:

“Admit something: Everyone you see, you say to them, ‘Love me.’/ Of course you do not do this out loud: Otherwise, Someone would call the cops./Still, though, think about this, This great pull in us to connect./ Why not become the one Who lives with a full moon in each eye That is always saying,/With that sweet moon language/What every other eye in this world is dying to Hear?”

– Hafiz

Golden Acrylics and Royal & Langnickel brushes were used.


2 responses to “Handbook 01.04.17”

  1. Love this! What sketchbook are you using?

    1. It’s the 5.5 * 5.5 Square Drawing from Handbook Journal Co.

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