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Art Friday: The Plumfield Collection is LIVE!

plumfield_natarrives_1 plumfield_theboys_1 plumfield_sunday_1 plumfield_steppingstones_1 plumfield_pattypans_1 plumfield_afirebrand_1 plumfield_nan_1 plumfield_pranks_1 plumfield_daisysball_1


I have been so nervousexcited about this launch and now the hard work is done and my little babies are launching into the world. Go here to purchase!


won the print giveaway! Congratulations!

One Comment

  • Sarah

    Hi Joy,
    Did I win your giveaway? I didn’t receive an email from you – but I think I was the only Sarah who commented. Hmmm… Let me know. I would love to see in a later blog post what sort of frame you would choose to place your different prints in. Sarah

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