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Things were going so well with my washcloth exploration…I loved how the ribbing was turning out…until it quite literally turned into a big ball of knots. (I had to cut the needles out, I swear!) I can’t figure out for the life of me where I went wrong…thus ends my foray into pattern designing. ~weak grin~ I went back to Grandma’s tried and true. Sometimes there’s no need to re-invent the wheel. And this buttery, sunny yellow! I know pulling it out of the drawer will make me smile.

I always seem to read Cloudy Jewel once a year, and it always seems to happen as Fall returns. It’s probably all the delicious descriptions of fall scenery and foods in this one.  This one is a bit out of the pattern for GLH as it’s not about a young woman, but an older one, an aunt, chosen by her nephew and niece to be guardian as they go through their college years- not that they particularly need one, but they recognize the need for a mother/soft-place-to-land. (Their mother had died very early in their lives.) It particularly struck me reading this time that Aunt Jewel had some pretty good ideas about mothering teens.

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