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It’s not a surprise to me that after an intense period of upheaval there is an almost equally intense period where everything gets cleaned or scrubbed or cooked. It’s my way of making sense of the world, putting things to order. Some of it is practical of course- things tend to fall by the wayside and need to be put to rights. But mostly, it’s my way of nurturing both myself and my family back to a more even keel. I have been expanding my repertoire in the kitchen quite a bit this go round, inspired very much by Sarah Britton’s My New Roots cookbook and her blog. A dear friend of mine gifted me her Plant Based Nutrition class and it has gone miles towards making me more comfortable in my gluten free kitchen. The artist in me simply loves all the color and texture that is the hallmark of Sarah’s recipes- and the knowledge that they’ll all taste good. We haven’t found a one of hers we haven’t liked yet. I’ve also been ever so slowly editing our belongings over a period of six months, inspired mostly by Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It’s just something about the way she wrote it, her question- does this bring joy? that has helped me let go of many things that no longer need to be in our home or life. The last stand, of course, is all the paper and memories. As my efforts accelerated over the last few weeks, my little studio/office space became the landing spot for all the paper. I did that intentionally- I knew it would keep the fire under my bones to finish. I am so very close now- I’ve dealt with almost all the piles you see above and have only the medical paperwork and art supplies to finish. I’m sure I’ll be done by the middle of this week, and it feels wonderful to know I have crossed the finish line.

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  • significanttrivialities

    I have been struggling through the de-cluttering process and trying to edit my belongings to the ones that bring me joy. It’s difficult when you have physical issues, as it is a HUGE task. But it is freeing to see those boxes and tubs leave the house for a trip to the thrift store, knowing that they will find new homes, hopefully with someone who will find joy in them. It helps me think through my spending, too, as I am a reforming stress spender. Now I laugh to myself when I have that overwhelming urge to buy a new bathroom trashcan RIGHT NOW, that I really cannot stand the one I have for ONE MORE MINUTE. I have learned that it is my way of controlling one part of my world when some other part feels out-of-control or scary.

    But the energy it takes to accomplish this sorting, and emptying out of things…oh, it is exhausting. I wonder if I will ever get to the end of it.

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