Art Friday: Layers and arrows…


(Wonder and Inquiry will return next week.)

There’s another layer on the canvas. I was really surprised when the woman appeared. Usually my layers tend towards abstract-ness, and yet, here she is. She’s definitely not finished yet…I wasn’t sure at first. She needs more detail. Overpainting. We’ll see.

When I started this canvas I had no idea how introspective it would become…these are all mysterious journeys to me. What I think I’m making in the beginning is never what I end up with, and that’s half the fun. But this one? This has a story emerging. Something I needed to tell myself, I think. I feel the pull to get back to it and get another layer going, which usually doesn’t happen. Most of the time I’m just playing with things, a smidge of a minute here, fifteen minutes there. This one though…I need to make some big time very soon.

I’m often listening to a playlist of my own design lately, if I’m not catching up on my love affair with all things British (Downton, Who, Broadchurch, Sherlock). And before you ask, yes and yes to the last season of Downton (sigh!) and the second season of Broadchurch, and absolutely NOT to Who, and a very qualified frustrated don’t bother to the Abominable Bride. I usually love BBC Sherlock. I wanted to throw something at the screen for this one. I’m sure others loved it. Anyways. (Sorry, tucking the fan girl back under!) The whole point of this was to say that this particular song of Josh Garrells has been heavy in the rotation. The whole Home album is excellent. But this one? Something about it.


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  1. I love this piece, Joy! I’m excited to see where it continues to go!

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