A cup o’ kindness yet…

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And we’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne

It is hard to believe the last days of Christmas are with us. I hope yours was beautiful. For the last three Christmases I’ve found it very difficult at first to enter into the joy and hopefulness of the season, and as has been true, eventually I fall all in, find my way to the magical-ness of it all. It’s the light that always gets me eventually. The way the darkness takes a step back in the face of the small, pin-pricks of light set forth- the candle flame, the twinkly Christmas light, the stars hung from the window. It’s just so beautiful, and it will always suck me in no matter how hard I try to bah humbug and hold off Hope.


I have not forgotten my promise to blog more in the wonder and contemplation vein. I have been getting so many notes about it, such lovely thoughts- I hope to have that ready for you all next week. It has been a fascinating, eye-opening, brain-stretching, yoke-lifting journey for me so far and I can’t wait to hear what you all have to think about it too.


  • significanttrivialities

    O, my dear, we are led to believe that we shall have minor and limited setbacks and then all shall be well, but really, as Rick Warren once said, trouble and grace, sorrow and joy…they are not separate things, they are twin rails on the track. One thing I will say…you will never meet a hero of the faith who has not had great struggle, great trials, great difficulties. In scripture, Daniel was thrown into a lion’s den, Joseph sold into slavery and then falsely accused and imprisoned, Paul…well, Paul listed his trials, beatings, imprisonments, shipwrecks…Esther…Ruth, and more modern day, Corrie Ten Boom, Jim Elliott, the many, many who suffered terribly under the Soviet system…but that all seems so very far away from us, and yet…You have the God of Isaac, of Jacob, of Daniel, of Joseph, of the Apostles, of Stephen, of Saint Lucy, of all the Holy Martyrs, and HE HAS NOT CHANGED. I say this not to preach at you, but to encourage you with that which I have found encouraging in my own life.

    Many blessings, dear Joy. You are in the prayers of more people than you know.

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