Oh, Autumn…

punkinfieldBar none, one of our favorite times of year. Where we live Autumn is very short- we tend to go from summery temps to winter-y temps in just under a month, leaving this very sweet, very beautiful time of year. We had been trying to make it out to the pumpkin patch for weeks and it just hadn’t happened. After a very tough week as a family, we made it a priority. I’m telling you- this is pretty serious business. Lots of strategizing, investigating, weighing, circling about, coming back…it’s hilarious to watch. So very fun. There are few traditions we treasure more than this one. Oh, and for the record, the proper pronunciation is punkin. Ben started it when he was very young and now we all say it that way, because cute lisps should not be forgotten.

punkinwalkellypunkincut zpunkin zpunkinface zandepunkin ellypunkin punkinkids punkin


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