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Towards the light…

Morning light
Mid-day light.
Mid-afternoon light.
Late afternoon light.

Turn your face towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.

– Maori proverb

(Continuing my photographic exploration of looking for the light yesterday.)

Just a quick note: If you followed along with the Finding Home series, you might enjoy Kort’s series this month about Homeschooling and Working From Home with Ease. It was the series I really, really needed back in the day. While I dealt with the big heart issues in Finding Home, she’s talking about the nitty gritty day to day helps in scheduling, apps to use, and so much more.

One response to “Towards the light…”

  1. Kortney Avatar

    Clicked through to see your lovely photographs on a screen bigger than my phone. Didn’t expect to find the happy links. Thank you, dear one.

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