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Art Friday: Leaf Prints!


On our morning walk one day, we found these huge leaves on the ground as big as the children’s heads. We brought them home to make leaf prints the old fashioned way with a hammer and some pressing but it didn’t work very well. We switched to some paint instead. The kids really had fun with this and the supplies are super simple: leaves, washable paint, and watercolor paper. You could probably use a smoother, less sturdy paper, but this was the only type we had big enough for these leaves. Lorelei pointed out that you could cut the prints out when you were done, maybe to make a garland or a mobile, but we didn’t do that with these. So much fun.

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  • Michelle

    I was reading through your posts when I came across the photo of your kids with the leaves in front of their faces! I took a photo of my children like that only a few days later- I actually looked up the date to see how close it was to your post. 🙂
    Great minds…

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