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Work on my pillow cover continues apace. I had to put a lifeline in after the slippery bamboo yarn fell off the slippery bamboo needles for the third time. I love both the yarn and the needles (which continue to smooth with use) but I’m not sure the combination is a good one. I’ve found the fabric to finish it with, so now it’s just finishing the knitting portion!

In the reading basket, oldies but goodies. Beauty for Ashes by Grace Livingston Hill starts out a bit cliche (she relies on bad guy/good guy stereotypes a lot) but then gets pretty good a few chapters in. It’s very interesting to read the nearly hundred year old story in light of all the Ashley Madison brouhaha, as the story begins with an affair. It made me think a lot about grief too, but I can’t really talk about it or I give away all the good stuff! I’ve had Keeping House by Margret Kim Peterson on my bookshelf for years and years. Someone quoted her on Instagram recently and I thought it was time for a re-read. I remember really loving it when I first got it, early in my marriage.

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