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One of the surest signs that things are returning to normal? New adventures in the kitchen. We have about ten or twelve meals that stay in heavy rotation, especially when things are really crazy. I haven’t tried anything new for a long time. This week I added in some new possibilities to add as favorites.The more I’ve been studying Celiacs and the accompanying nutrition, I am realizing that “gluten-free” isn’t enough. Most of what makes up “gluten free” options would normally be okay in small doses (rice and potatoes come to mind), but not to be eaten at the level we’ve been eating them. Especially what I’ve been reading about arsenic in the rice, and that the glycemic index for ground potato flour and corn is off the charts compared to their ‘whole’ counterparts…it’s pretty mind boggling. I don’t know. There is so much to learn. So take what I’ve listed here with reservations- I really don’t like how much rice is in the menu this week, but I’m taking it week by week and trying to improve each week.

We’re eating:

One Pot Pasta (sub GF noodles)

Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Taco Salad (sub GF ranch dressing)

BBQ (instead of buns, we eat it by itself or over a bed of fresh spinach)

Zuchinni, Black Bean and Rice Casserole

Cheesy Chicken and Rice (sub GF cream of chicken, rice)

Bean Casserole (Family recipe)


Shepherd’s Pie


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  • hannah e vazquez

    Navigating food restrictions is hard. One site I’ve been enjoying recently is It’s about traditional cooking, but she’s got gluten free info too. I love her podcast mainly, but went there recently for some recipes and found a couple new keepers! Also, I read a couple years ago that if you soak the rice overnight (preferably with a little whey, lemon juice or vinegar), then rinse it before you cook it, that may help with the arsenic a little. The soaking is mainly to help it be easier to digest, the rinsing for the arsenic. I’m sure in a year or so, you’ll have it all down! Keep searching! 🙂

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