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I finished another Garter Stitch Cowl in Grey last night for my husband. (Here’s mine from this summer.) This was an extremely fast knit this time- literally the fastest I’ve ever completed a project to date- from Sunday afternoon to Tuesday evening. I think what is most gratifying about this one is that there are no mistakes. When I made one I was able to figure out how to fix it without frogging, or caught it quickly enough to only have to frog a few stitches. The one visible mistake I made (an extra purl row) I was going to go back and fix, but my husband liked the way it looked and asked for another line another third of the way up. It gives it a delightfully chunky ribbed look.

I finished both The Bronte Sisters: The Brief Lives of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne and Glimmerglass: A Novel in the last few weeks. I liked the quick read about the Bronte sisters- I had read Jane Eyre previously and was curious to know more about these authoress sisters and this book was a great introduction. (So many author biographies can get scholarly and dry!) Glimmerglass was introduced to me via a reading/book signing back in the fall. The portion she read aloud absolutely whet my appetite to find out what happened next,  but I was too broke at the time to buy a copy. I finally found it at the library last month. It’s a lovely fairy tale of a book with a mystery or two. She has such a lyrical voice…it’s a very falling down the rabbit hole sort of book. The twist will surprise and delight you and scare you by turns.

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