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overviewI have used many systems over the years, trying to keep myself organized. I’d print this one and that one off. I had a couple of actual notebook calendars that ran monthly/weekly. None of them really stuck for long. I’ve also been a journaler for a long time, but never seemed to actually finish a notebook through (and once I began blogging, this blog took the place of much of that journaling). When smart phones came along, I attempted to use a few online planners and calendars. I learned very quickly that virtual calendars didn’t work for me at all because I couldn’t see them.

I was in make-do mode for a long time. We’re talking years, people.

Way back, I picked up some cheap, small Moleskine notebooks to use as travel notebooks/scrapbooks. I used one of them for my Colorado album , but the others languished in storage for nearly five years. Around October of last year, I picked one of them up out of desperation for clear, blank paper, not necessarily a notebook. (Blank paper disappears quickly around here with so many young artistes about.) I needed it for meal planning.

Next thing I know, this small notebook is following me everywhere and keeping track of everything, and would you know it? I think I found a system. I call it my paper brain, and I’d be hopelessly lost without it. I filled up my first one about February of this year and have started into a new one (slightly thicker with book binding and the pocket at the back, which is so useful for holding grocery receipts). After struggling to find what I was looking for sometimes, I remembered Molly’s little tip about washi taping the edges to color code the organization, and with that, my system is complete. Beautiful and functional.


What I didn’t realize at first was how it was also collecting quotes that interest me. A tiny bit of art in a whole lot of functional. All but one (the ‘great and noble’ quote) were from the older notebook. Enjoy!

comeawake firstthings greatnoble lightin


  • Emily

    I LOVE this! This is such a great entry, and I love writing quotes down in my notebooks, too. 🙂 For awhile I had a commonplace book just for quotes but it’s easier to write them down in my notebooks. And aren’t Moleskines amazing? 🙂

  • kortney

    beauty + inspiration in one post…must be memoria arts!

    and thanks for the link to Molly. i used to read her blog a million years ago, and i’m happy to start again.

    peace keep you.

    • Joy

      Aww, Kort! You made my day with that comment. Thank you so much. I know, I used to read her a ton in the early days too and lost track of her, but I saved her idea in bookmarks from waaaay back and then pinned it when I transferred bookmarks to pins…I was enjoying poking around there earlier. Glad to have found her again too.

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