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art friday: a creative mess

The truth of it is, it’s a total mess at the moment. I have pictures for most of February for Project Life, but I’ve only gotten as far as trimming them up from the printer. I’ve been all over the place recently, much of it work for the Restore workshop, all in a digital space- my fingers are absolutely itching to work analog. I’m coming to terms with the fact that I really need to overhaul my creative space. It’s just a piled up mess and it has been a piled up mess since we moved in. I also don’t scrapbook like I used to and some of the supplies I’ve had for-ev-er just need to go to a new home, which means happy mail giveaway soon for one of you lucky readers. 🙂 but eesh. I’m so having creative block about what I need to do about making the space more functional.

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  • wstyrsky

    My daughter did Project Life for a year and blogged about. Google Life with the Sutterfields. I don’t think she is doing it this year, but her pics are still up.

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