a lovely happenstance




My husband and I were talking late into the night Saturday night. He had been cleaning off his desk as he talked, and I had been fiddling at mine. I had a few photographs laid out, thinking of a layout, but was finding it difficult to split my attention between that and what my husband was saying. There were some old library dewey decimal cards laying on my desk and I just started randomly cutting them into strips and squares. The next thing I know, out comes the gesso and a six inch high cardboard initial “M” that had been laying around. (It had been part of my mantel decor previously). Not too much later, and the whole thing was covered in the library cards. I think I’ll paint it with a watercolor wash- maybe green? I found this quote in my piles of scrap paper while looking for something else…”maybe being able to reach out and take it is a gift too.” Amen to that.


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