art friday: a creative refuel


Yesterday I found myself feeling pretty fried, creatively. I’ve been working hard on a project that has called in all of my technical skills and my artistic eyes, and before lunch yesterday, everything was blending together, looking flat, and not making a lot of sense. I needed to find my center again.

working with

I’ve learned when I get into this sort of place that walking away is the best thing I can do. Sometimes it’s just taking a few minutes to sip a cup of coffee and look out the window. Sometimes it’s searching out creative inspiration from other artists and makers for a few minutes and refueling the visual tank. Sometimes I find stepping away from what I’m doing and doing something else creatively inclined breaks down the roadblocks that are blocking my way. So it was yesterday.


I received some lovely bouquets from my beloved and children for Valentine’s Day, but after a week they were starting to look a bit bedraggled. I pulled and trimmed and cut- from two large bouquets I  created five smaller ones to place around the house. Even the trimmings were pretty eye candy. Stretching myself a different creative direction, using my hands and playing with color in a touchable sense, rebooted my creative brain and I was able to return to what I was working on with renewed focus.



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