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project life, handbook, weeks 2-5

I got caught up on Saturday, so this is current to this last week. Printing the photographs is definitely an issue with this unique size (3 x 4). This wouldn’t be an issue in the larger Project Life Albums that take the standard 4in x 6 size. The photos in my handbook so far aren’t actually a full 3×4- I’ve been printing off the wallet size, which is 2 x 3. It leaves a big border around each pic. I’m okay with the look. I’m not so much going for style as I am substance here- I want to get these stories in a visual chronological place. The ones that are really important to me will always be made into larger, more in depth pages for a bigger album. I like the flexibility inherent in this. The first week I had a lot to show and say, so I took a two page spread. Weeks 2-5 are all one page/side of the spread, and the two weeks that it snowed take up a front and back of one page. The following week after that, there was really nothing photo worthy- I was very sick and there was a lot of house upheaval- I only had a few usable pictures from that week. So far, I’m really liking it. It’s quick and fast with lovely results.

Week 2: week 2_3

Weeks 3-4: week 3

Weeks 4-5: week 4-5

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