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Yarn Along, Feb 5


This cowl is moving¬†much faster, even with the added skills of purling every other row in the mix. I’m sure it was rather funny to watch me knit on Sunday while simultaneously screaming and groaning and shaking my needles at the screen. I’ve never been a big football watcher, exactly, but I’ve been cheering for the Broncos since I was four years old. I still have no words for the Super Bowl that wasn’t. The Seahawks were on their game but it appears the Broncos never showed up. So weird. Anyways. I picked Prayers of a Young Poet¬†up a while back on the strong recommendation of Preston Yancey, but hadn’t had a chance to dig into it. Very, very good.

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  • Rachel

    Such a pretty picture! The cowl is looking good! That sure was a disappointing game, wasn’t it? We were cheering for Denver too (they aren’t our #1 team, but we still wanted them to win). Knitting and watching tv is always good though!

    • Joy

      It was just so weird! One of my friends kept calling me saying, there is no way this is going to be the one shut out in Super Bowl history. Not my team, not the Broncos, not the team the dominated the field the whole season. Still incredulous. I guess we’ll never know quite what was going on, but wow. It was so funny though, ’cause I’d get so mad and shake my knitting at the screen, which my guests thought was nothing short of hilarious.

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