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art friday: project life, week 1

IMG_4240 IMG_4242 IMG_4244Week one is done and in the books. Week two and three are in progress. It’s already become clear to me that a better printing option is going to be needed if I keep this up. It’s a total hassle every time I sit down to have to go into Photoshop, of all things, just to print the photos because of the size. It’s not the photo size that is the problem, it’s the printer, which isn’t set up for photo printing overall. I’m going to have to do a bit more research as to how others have handled printing for the handbook size and what work-flows they’ve used. Printing issues aside, I really like this format. When I do have pictures printed off, the whole thing takes me about ten, fifteen minutes, and the results are so gratifying without being overwhelming. Can it be? Can scrapping on a regular basis really be making it’s way back into my life? It feels so good!

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