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yarn along, jan 22

yarnalong22 At long last, the shawl is finally done and bound off properly. It only needs the ends woven in and blocked, but someone has run off with my needles. Hopefully I will find them today so it can head off to its very patient recipient.

I cast on (for the fourth time) Diana’s garter stitch cowl. The first three times I cast on I’d get a few rows only to find a massive gap in the first row that looked like a dropped stitch. Come to find out, it’s kind of common when casting on in the round and usually has to be fixed in the weaving in. I found this little note about joining in the round invisibly, in case you’ve ever run in to this problem too. It works so well! I was able to put on quite a few rows yesterday. Practice truly makes perfect- the more I knit, the faster I get. It is so discouraging though when you are first learning and every row takes half an hour or more. It feels like you are working so hard with so little to show for it. I think I’m moving past that stage now.

I picked up an old favorite at random, Jan Karon’s A Light in the Window. These were such lovely novels when they came out, and it was so much fun to sink back into the story. So much has changed since I first read them. Books are such good friends your whole life through. No matter where you’ve been, what you’ve seen, how old you’ve become, they welcome you into their worlds and help you remember.

Joining Ginny today.


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