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Yarn Along, Nov.20

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I finally settled on this cowl, which is knitted in the round. It alternates between a knit row and a purl row but being in the round, it’s interesting. So far so good, but I think I dropped a cast-on stitch somehow (didn’t realize till row six). Do you all have any recommendations on how to fix that or should I just frog it and try again?

I’ve been mulling through Free Range Learning: How Homeschooling Changes Everything by Laura Grace Wheldon. It had been in my library queue  for a while and I finally got a hold of it. It’s been interesting to dig into. I guess to be fair I should also say I’m reading Henry the Sixth and Oedipus the King, but I didn’t think of those as reading as I am referring to them for research for something else, but it is reading all the same. It is definitely a change after reading good fiction most of the summer. Different but good.

Sharing with Ginny today.


  • Sandi

    I am knitting dish clothes for gifts this year. Only just learned a few weeks ago. I can’t pick up stitches I have tried? I unravel….I need living breathing help 🙂
    And can you believe I just received Free Range in the mail yesterday? the library does not carry it here so I splurged.

  • kathatravelling

    I love the color of your yarn. I checked your pattern and I think if you dropped your stitch right at the beginning so that it seems as if it was never there, don’t mind. Your pattern will work out just as fine with one stitch less!

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