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Weekend Reads

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My thoughts of late have run in deep ways…how I want our family life to look like in this new place…how I want to incorporate the practices of my Orthodox faith into my everyday life…evaluating the way I think about things and why I think them. You’ll see that reflected in these reads.

Auntie Leila: Affirmation in the Thick of Things

John Blase: And To Think I Thought

Pam: Living Liturgy 

Kort: Keeping Advent 

Tsh Oxenrider: Why I love Harry Potter (even though I don’t love fantasy)

Preston Yancey: When God does not fear my angry prayers


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4 responses to “Weekend Reads”

  1. thebeautifuldue Avatar

    Thank you for nodding my direction. I appreciate it, more than you know.
    ~ John

  2. Sandi Avatar

    I love Phillip Yancy. met him once years ago in Colorado. His book Gift of Pain written with Dr. Paul Brand is my all time favourite book. I also have really enjoyed his book How My Faith Survived the Church.

    I am finishing Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows right now. Been reading the last hour hold up in my bed in my PJ’s……a special treat! I never thought I would be into these for similar reasons as Tsh but Harry, Dumbledore and Luna have become my friends. I have watched each movie after each book and then pick them apart…..I am hopeless 🙂

    Happy Saturday!

    1. Joy Avatar

      Eeek! It’s Preston Yancey, not Phillip! I just fixed it. Two different men.

      1. Sandi Avatar

        Oh well, now you have new book to check out 🙂

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