Number the days

morning art

feeling:: quiet and introspective. I love how fall does that to me…autumn has always felt like the first day of the year to me over January. There’s just something about the change of season that leads me to reflection and renewal.

thinking:: through new rhythms and needs in our family. I felt like I had a good balance going over the summer, but now that school has begun it’s all a little bit off. The more obvious things are lagging behind- the laundry especially. Meal planning is happening on the fly and not as effective. It’s leaving me feeling a bit catch-as-catch can. I’m learning to lean into the needs of the day, but some structures clearly need to shift a little.

appreciating:: warmth. I think that’s my absolute favorite part of fall- candles, fires, fuzzy blankets, piling together and snuggling in. Add a hot cup of coffee or tea and I am set for days on end.

anticipating:: a lovely November. The good girl in me wants to say it’s because of family celebrations, and it is, but can we just talk about the wonderfulness that is the weekend of Nov. 23? The Desolation of Smaug, The 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who, and on and on. About the only thing that could make it more perfect is if Fox announced Firefly was back in production. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, can you really claim friendship with me? I kid, I kid.

reminding:: certain children to keep their coats on. What is it about this weather that makes boys feel like they can shrug their coats off as soon as they get out of mama’s eyesight? You’d think two bad colds already would make them think twice. Such goofs.

knowing:: this truth.

Peace is a result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, not as it should be.

-Wayne W. Dyer


  • tonia

    Haha! Don’t forget a new Hunger Games movie! (or are you too sophisticated for that? I can’t remember. *grin*) Caleb must say, “It’s almost NOVEMBER!!” about three times a day for those very same reasons. 🙂

    • Joy

      THAT’S what the third one was! It kept niggling at me but I couldn’t remember. I haven’t read the books…I was sort of ‘meh’ about the first movie but I think that is because I hadn’t read the books. I should get on that. 🙂 Smart Caleb. He’s my kinda people. He gets that from his mama, I’m sure. xOxO

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