Upheaval of the loveliest kind…

February is here and just about gone already…oh my! It often seems to speed by for me, but that is definitely the case this year. I know, I was all like ‘I’ll be back next week with more’ and then crickets…but I’m telling you, it’s for the loveliest reason.

You see, I’m moving home. My husband got a great job in my home town. I can’t even begin to tell you what a joyful noise was made in our house when the news arrived! It is the loveliest of surprises and we are all impatient to get there. Our whole life is getting boxed up and trundled together for the trip. Everything else has been sadly neglected in the melee.

We didn’t forget my sweet not-so-baby-anymore Elliana’s birthday on the 9th. I totally had to go store bought this time, but Earth Fare had the scrummiest as-close-to-hand-made-as-you-can-get vanilla buttercreme cake ready for our girl. It was perfect. ebirthdayAnd then of course, St. Valentines’s feast on the 14th. We didn’t do much this year- slipped away for a dinner out, but my oh my, would you look at the roses he got? They lasted forever. The funny here, of course, is that in all the nutty, I completely forgot that it was that day until James reminded me. What we won’t mention is the fact that I forgot my Grandma’s birthday the day before…belovedflowers The best part, by far, was calling my mother on her birthday, the day after Valentine’s, and giving her the “best birthday present ever!” in which I revealed to her the lovely news of her grandchildren moving just a short drive away. She could hardly believe it at first and was rather in shock, but I finally drove the point home that we would be there in just a short month’s time. Needless to say, she was a bit distracted from her work and school tasks for the rest of the weekend. Score!

So here’s my life, in a nutshell- in boxes, a lovely mess. I can’t wait to wave hello from our new place. If I don’t check in until then, you’ll know why! livingroom


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