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The mighty circle…


How’s your Monday going? The last monday of two-thousand-twelve. Mine’s been a bit on the rough side. I have a love-hate relationship with Mondays. Beginnings and endings. Beginning of the week, good and bad- the weekend is ending. Rest and work, work and rest. Kind of like New Year’s Eve, come to think of it…

Every year it happens. What have I done with my one wild and precious life? And more than a bit of guiltiness at all that’s left undone, the resolutions I never accomplished… My answer this year? I lived it. I breathed it in. I drank it down. I danced. I cried. I gave thanks. I gave up. I let go. I drew in close. No regrets. No guilt. Just gratefulness for a year of growing up, another year of learning, another year of becoming.

Some of the most best and beautiful things happened to me this year. Some of the absolute worst in my memory. Beginnings and endings. The mighty circle. I am learning with God’s grace that I can just live in the moment. Not look forward, not look back, not question, not wonder, not fight, not try to fit things to my own ends. Lean back and dance. It amazes me how much of this is a daily, sometimes hourly, choice…over and over. I choose joy. I choose hope. I choose grace. I choose mercy. Whispered close, prayer upon prayer.

The next year will bring more changes. Some are very purposeful changes, choices that we have made together as a family; big (and small) steps that we have needed to take for sometime. It’s going to be an adventure. A grand adventure. Wild and precious. I can’t wait.

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