Art Friday: Inspiration

A tiny peek at my process today.

I’ve been challenging myself to make a pattern design from scratch this week. Much harder than I thought, but so much fun! Anyhow, I started out looking at the three patterns in the top left corner. (One is My Mind’s Eye, Basic Grey, and Martha Stewart, all from many many moons ago). ¬†I began doodling and painting, and the middle picture is the current work in progress. Thing was, I was right up on what I was painting- I was more looking at the individual parts than the whole thing. A small part of my mind was going, hmm, this looks familiar, but why? It has essences of Dutch, Indian mandalas, Celtic knotwork and a few things more.

It wasn’t until I finished (for now) and stood up and away from the work and grabbed my cup of coffee that I saw the whole pattern- and then knew exactly where I had seen this motif over and over. I laughed long and hard- the motifs are all in and through the liturgical robes worn by the servers at my church.

It just shows how inspiration comes from anywhere and sometimes happens subconsciously, at that.

What’s been inspiring you this week?

Tell me what's on your heart~

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