beautiful things

Hello, November.

The second half of October hurried by in a breathless spin of changes, both good and bad; and I had to abandon my intentions to blog about the Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson. I’m hoping that I will be able to continue to chat about it in the next weeks, because it’s too good not to miss.

We’re sipping on quiet peace and talking long into the night, my husband and I. This fall has brought with it the calm and clarity we’ve needed to re-connect and renew after too many years of crisis…we’d crave your prayers as we walk this journey together and seek the Lord for vision and direction for what comes next.

I’m grateful for the cool, crisp November days and the warm fire that crackles in the kitchen. September and October always seem crazy busy for us; November always feels like a cocooning and nesting month to me before the joyful chaos of December and Advent- without it, I think I would very much feel unmoored.

Welcome, November. May it be a kind and quiet one.


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