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Welcome: Five Minute Friday and 31 Days

Joining Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday, where we write for just five minutes…no editing, no worrying about whether it is it right or profound. I joined mine with Elizabeth’s 31 days prompt (reminding ourselves of the mission of motherhood).  Want to join us? Go find the info for Five Minute Friday here and 31 Days here.



Welcome is the curling up, the pile of blankets, the stack of books.

Welcome is the rhthymic cadence of a rocking chair, the shushing heartbeat of a mother’s love, the quiet whispers.

Welcome is the noses wiped and the bumbums cleaned, the clothes tossed and turned and washed again, the swish of broom and mop.

Welcome is the laughter rich and clear, ringing out in peals and echoing across the yard, the piles of leaves exploding outward like fireworks, the deep bass of daddy’s voice.

Welcome is the cool hand on the fevered brow, the warm caress across an aching back, a drink given in due season, the calling to rest when we are all in.


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