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31 Days: Reminding Myself of the Mission of Motherhood

(Our morning prayer and bible study time.)

I’ve been quiet in this space for much of the summer. I had some things I needed to wrestle out in the quiet, decisions I wanted to make free from the encumbrances of social media and blogging (much as I love them both). I feel ready to write again- much on my heart, much I have been pondering…especially the intersection of being a mama and an artist.

I was delighted to see that my dear friend Elizabeth is joining the Nester for her annual ’31 days…’ blogging challenge– speaking about something that is very near to my heart- Sally Clarkson’s The Mission of Motherhood. This book changed my whole paradigm a few years ago, and I find that I already need a refresher course. I hope to be joining Elizabeth this month as she chats and journals through what the mission of motherhood means to her.

I will tell you right off that I may not be able to join every day this month. I have a made a very concerted effort over the last six months to make sure that my husband, children, and home fall first on the list before social media. May I be totally honest? It’s been a hard transition. There were things I was consistently letting fall to the wayside as I hopped online, and I’ve found it took me much longer to find a happy medium that I am content with. I don’t want to go and ruin that hard work by committing to daily blogging. By God’s grace, however, I hope I will get to delve deep into this journey over the next thirty-one days.

Join us?

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