Thirty One Things…

(I’m a day late…I was aboslutely nutters and decided to meet my mama four hours away for a birthday dinner. It was a hoot! And so much fun!)

I loved both Tonia and Megan’s entries this year. I’ve long struggled with feeling comfortable in my own skin and the things I love so it feels victorious to not only admit to my birthday but also enjoy it!

1. the hot coffee he brings me every morning

2. the poetry books tucked into the night-stand, getting dogeared

3. the books the pile on every surface in our house. I’ve successfully infected another generation of bookworms, and it’s darn near my proudest accomplishment to date. 😉

4. the smoky greens and blues of the mountains outside my window

5. the twang in his speech, molasses sweet and slow

6. old and well loved quilts, practically in tatters

7. photography

8. David Tennant, Doctor Who Number 10. (Tonia assures me I shall love Matt Smith just as much, but, I tell you, a good Scotch brogue has always stolen my heart. )

9. People who love me as I am, right where I am at.

10. Mint tea. (No black tea mixed in, neither. Straight mint.)

11. The gurgle of laughter from my youngest girl.

12. The way the dresses and skirts caress my legs.

13. Autumn and fire-light and sweaters.

14. Romantic period movies. (Yes, Pride and Prejudice, I’m looking at you.)

15. A good sci-fi show. I’m absolutely obsessed with Doctor Who, after decades of faithfulness to the world of Star Trek. I feel like I am betraying my first love, but I think my first space ship would have to be a Tardis now. For shame, I know.

16. Flowers on the table.

17. Quiet evenings curled on the couch.

18. Good books.

19. Good books.

20. Great literature.

21. Did I mention good books?

22. Plum, jewely purple.

23. Soft, pale green.

24. Clean, cool sheets.

25. A freshly laundered and folded and hung batch of laundry.

26. When I conquer a new recipe and my family loves it.

27. Strong, hot coffee.

28. Creamy, nourishing lotion in pretty bottles.

29. Grace

30. Mercy

31. Peace

Another year, strung with jewels of possibility.

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  • tonia

    Well now, see, I met Matt Smith FIRST…so maybe I would have loved David better if I hadn’t already given my heart away. 🙂 I want a Tardis too. Yep.

    I love your 31 things! So much good stuff here and do you feel something fresh and good blowing in with this new year? I do. 🙂


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