Hello, fall…

::feeling a bit velveteen.

::thinking that the transition into the school year is always a transition. And that I should be patient with the process.

 ::appreciating late night conversations with my best friend. My tank is full and I can carry on. Knowing that you’ve got someone cheering you on goes a long way towards keeping faithful to what you’re called to do.

:: anticipating a transitional month. And a lovely autumn. My favorite time of year is here. It is beautiful beyond measure here in my beloved Appalachians.

:: reminding myself to drink it all in and not over-process things to death.

::wondering what’s coming around the bend- and yet- trying not to think about it too hard. Right here. Breathe right here.

::hoping for a chance to visit my hometown soon. I’m getting dreadful homesick for the beach and life-long friends. Being able to love on my mom and dad and sister and her husband and my brother…yes, yes, soon.

::getting into a groove- I need to add in more baking to our days, but so far, I think we’ve got a pleasant rhythm going.

::planning for fall activities.

::loving the fact that years can stretch by and I have the type of friends that pick up where we left off. That’s a gift of highest measure.

::looking for some answers.

::hearing the noisy fans and air-conditioners going and can’t wait to shut them down for the season.

:: remembering how much I love Autumn. Have I mentioned that? 😉

::wishing I had more time to write letters. I’ve fallen woefully behind as of late.

:: knowing this truth~

Sometimes God redeems your story by surrounding  you with people who need to hear your past so it doesn’t become their future.

 ::wanting more pumpkin and cinnamon everything….bring it on. I’m ready.

:: sending all my love.

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