A Post-Post-Vacation Monday Dispatch

Well hello June-thats-already-half-over!

:: feeling great. I snuck away for a stay-cation the last two weeks, and it was absolutely lovely and absolutely needed.

:: thinking maybe three or four years should not elapse until the next vacation. Ahem. There were many reasons- economy, job(s), and a few babies interspersed- but this is the first break that has been taken strictly for relaxation in waaay too long.

:: appreciating my increasing confidence in the kitchen. The more comfortable I am becoming with simple, quick, whole-foods prep, the more it is feeding my desire to learn, keeping our family’s health and pocketbook happy. Basic skills are so important and I’m so glad I’ve got them to depend on now!

:: anticipating a delicious summer. Food and book-eating. What could be better? I’ve got a stack a mile-high on my night-stand and I am luuuurrving it. Mama’s brain is back online. Hallelujah!

:: reminding myself that swim lessons start next month. This should get interesting…I guess I wouldn’t be as freaked out on my own with all six kids if the kids were all elementary aged. My reality is three toddlers (who don’t listen!) and three elementary aged kids. And water. I may be a former deep-water lifeguard, but…I think I need to grow a third arm.

:: wondering how we ever got by without the second car. It’s a sacrifice we’ve willingly made over the last two years to trounce our debt into submission- but ho, boy, is it nice. Our weekends are so laid back now that I can run errands during the week!

:: hoping that the weather continues to stay in the reasonable temps. July usually hits high 90’s- but, hey, who knows? More rain would be good too (we’re in a deficit). Just not the Noah-ic floods we had last year. Yeesh. The mold attack of 2011 can stay there, thankyouverymuch.

:: getting caught up on the post-vacation housework is so not fun. Granted, we stayed home (and visited local museums) and ate off paper plates and tried to stay in swimsuits outside as much as possible, but somehow, it’s still epic. Blegh.

:: planning to get some more sewing done. I stalled out three weeks ago and the girls desperately need some dresses.

:: loving the post-vacation glow. I feel like I can take on the world again.

:: looking forward to celebrating ten years with my beloved this year. What an amazing ride it has been. The next decade will be even better.

:: hearing the Sound of Music station on Pandora. It’s become our default summer soundtrack. The station plays all sorts of Julie Andrews’ greats, plus the more epic Disney soundtracks too. We all sing along, all day long.

:: remembering that I’m almost out of sunscreen. Again. My poor ghost-y children, of Casper the Friendly Ghost descent  (Thanks, Daddy!) and with skin cancer running heavily through the family, cannot go without. I might as well buy stock in it. Or buckets. Or both.

:: wishing that the miles didn’t stretch so long between me and those whom I hold dear.

:: knowing this truth.

The grass is greener where you water it.

Neil Barringham

:: wanting all the summer treats I so adore to be calorie-less. Come on world? Please?

:: thinking of all the ways I adore my husband. Seriously mooshy-gooshy schtuff here. How’d I get so lucky?

:: sending all my love.

(Many thanks to Amanda Soule for the format.)


  • Lucy

    Hi, I am popping over from Elizabeth’s to say hello and thank you for the chance to win one of your lovely prints on her blog.

  • Kim D.

    You’re inspiring me to take a much-needed vacation! I am also visiting via Elizabeth’s blog and it’s very nice to ‘meet’ you and see your lovely work!

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