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Needle and Thread: The Repair Edition

I’m finally getting back on track. I pulled out my machine not seconds after Elizabeth told me about Needle and Thread a few week ago, only to discover the needle screw was missing. The poor neglected thing had to head off to the hospital. Now it’s back and I’m cutting out the first outfits. I love having this little push- I’ve wanted to do more sewing, but kept getting distracted. I’ve got a summer wardrobe for both of my girlies to work on.

First up, I’m working on the Miss Mary pattern for both Lorelei and Elliana. I won both the older girl and younger girl patterns the other day during Sam’s Facebook fun, and I love it! She is so clear and explains all the little things that I’ve forgotten over the years, and the pattern itself is so easy to put together.  She says this is a two-hour dress, and I’m already at 2.5 hours and counting. I forgot to wash the fabric. Then I couldn’t find my scissors….and then I had to dig into a moving box for the pins that I thought were in my creative desk…

I finished up the basic bones planning for next year’s schooling a week or two ago. Now I’m going back through and layering in the book lists and rhythms I’d like to see: hence, The Living Year, Tasha Tudor’s Sampler, and The Joy of Family Traditions. The Living Year is a resource I think I saw over on Jen’s blog. It is lovely!

Home Economics was one of those books that just jumped out at me off the shelf a few months ago, but I never sat down to read. It’s a sweet take on older Home Ec books that our moms and grandmas probably had- it has lots of little bite size sections of very useful knowledge for anyone who keeps a home. (And looks pretty on the shelf!)

I read through NieNie’s Heaven Is Here: An Incredible Story of Hope, Triumph, and Everyday Joy on Saturday afternoon. I had thoroughly enjoyed her blog before the crash and followed along after the crash and through her recovery. The book fills in a lot of the blanks and is a heart-rending, yet hopeful, book. It was interesting peeking into her Mormon faith and comparing and contrasting it against my own. Her story has stayed with me…and her immense sense of hope and joy. A lovely read.

I don’t usually buy the Where Women Create magazine- I usually go grab a cup of coffee at the book store and read it there because it is so expensive. This one really spoke to me on both a business level and a creative-space level. More on that tomorrow.

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