May Monday Morning

RIght now, I am…

:: feeling like another cup of coffee is in order.

:: thinking that I’ve got to get the beds weeded soon. Especially because one particularly pernicious ragweed is about 4 feet tall. I didn’t notice it until it grew over the retaining wall.

:: appreciating all the skills I’ve learned from Heather. Life-changing. Truly. 

:: anticipating a quiet week, keeping close to home.

:: reminding myself to look into swim lessons. This area only has outdoor pools; none of the Y’s have pools either. (Which is so odd to this city girl who had rec centers and Y’s with indoor pools practically on every other street corner!)

:: wondering about rhythms. And quiet spaces. Big rocks and little rocks. Stewardship.

:: hoping to break out the sewing machine in the studio corner this week. And I promise to share the art, soon. (And Etsy shop? Prayerfully?)

:: getting ready to get the baking done. Mondays have become my default baking day (because J is home and we don’t have lots of weekend errands).

:: planning the last big push for school-y related things. I completed most of my planning for the next school year too, which is a BIG blessing and a great head start.

:: loving the growing relationship between my girls. (But gosh, could time not fly so fast?)

:: looking at the future. And housing situations. Buy? Rent? Where? (Promise a financial update soon…so much good stuff to share there!)

:: hearing “I’m bored!”, and it’s not even lunch time yet. I don’t get it. The rest of the week and weekend, they complain about not getting to spend much time with their legos and toys; come Monday, our quiet do-nothing day, and no one wants to play. What’s up with that?

:: remembering friends. I have two who lost mothers this weekend. Another friend is weary and in pain from hurts not deserved. Candles lit and prayers going up.

:: wishing that the miles didn’t stretch so long between me and those who I hold dear.

:: knowing this truth.

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” -Corrie Ten Boom

:: wanting to go a few more steps toward self-sufficiency. Trying to figure that out around a pretty strict lease. Containers? Where? We live on a hill in a lovely grove of trees, but that makes full sunlight a bit of a dice roll.

:: thinking about the things I want to pursue this month.

:: sending all my love.

(Many thanks to Amanda Soule for the format.)

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