Art Friday: Free Printable Day!

One of the glorious (or not so glorious) side affects of having so much fun in the studio?

This happens:                                                         Of course, she wasn’t helping.







   I have a sort of love/hate relationship with the mess. On the one hand, eighty percent of what I make is from the leftovers from the project before that’s still laying across my desk. On the other hand, I’ve accidentally gotten partially dried paint on another project (usually in a really wrong color) that I’ve had to fix, and that is super-annoying. Then again, some of my biggest mistakes have turned out to be the coolest layers….like I said. Love/hate. Back when I was scrapbooking regularly, I had nearly half of a basement room to spread out in/on/over (about ten x eight, if I remember). Now, I’m limited to this corner of my bedroom, and a folding table. In many ways, I find it to be a good thing- I use and reuse and repurpose both art supplies and storage over and over and over again. The complete lack of storage space has really forced me to purge what I don’t absolutely love, and that in turn means that what I create already has a distilled style and all I have to do is make it shine! The important thing is to create, whatever your space availability. The rest is just gravy.

   I finally got my share feed back up in the sidebar, so I’m not putting my normal link love in the post today. If you’re reading in a reader, click on over! So much good stuff this week. If you bookmark stuff through de.licious, I’m memoria_arts.

   And, just ’cause I love ya, a free printable today. I’m really trying to resist the digital pull, because I really, really like the feel of paint and glue on my fingers, but, gosh. There are just some things that are way cooler in a digital palette! (The deets: personal use only. Please don’t use it for commercial gain.) Hope you enjoy!

Click here to download full size print—–>Read_Printable_share

Your turn! I want to see those messy desks! Writer’s desks, art-y desks. Homeschool desks, whatever ya got. Messy kitchens if you’re one of those cookin’ types. Show me where the magic happens for you!


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