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Art Friday, Lent, Week 5

The time is edging near. There is but one more week till Holy Week, and glorious Easter- this time of renewal and quiet will come to a close. Glory be to Him.

A small, sweet glimpse of the joy coming out of the paintbrushes and gluestick this week. (It is so hard to stay still…I’d love to show you everything. But it is not to be so, not yet.)

So, so quiet, but here I share words that have inspired me this week:

Tools The Heart Needs, Kelly Sauer

Especially Not That, The Gypsy Mama

Grace’s Greatest Offender and Boys In the Bed and the Calm in the Storm, Amber Haines

Two wonderful things for mothers that have unveiled these last few days:

Mother Letters, Seth Haines and Amber Haines (and a whole bunch more)- go read. This began a few years back, and what beautiful fruition.

A community of mothers by mothers, the heart-gift of Sally Clarkson: Mom Heart Online.

And two poetry loves:

Get poetry delivered to your inbox each day, jewels and sweets of artful stretching: Everyday Poems.

John Blase, of course. Here I sign off, with his Older.


    • Joy

      Always, dear friend. It never ceases to amaze me how, though we never get a lot of time to talk, our paths are ever kindred. How many times have you named something I’ve been wrestling with?

    • Joy

      You’re welcome, Amber. I’m ever grateful for you! I can’t wait to see where Mother Letters heads now; I remember the beginnings well. And oh- your last post- still sings in my head. When the rain rolled over last night, I smiled.

    • Joy

      I tell you, John, I came to meet you the long way ’round- reading your poetry, enjoying your blogg-y ‘company’, only to realize a short week ago that you were the John who wrote with Brennan Manning, and the picture opened up all the more. Dare I say, I find you my Captain Jim of sorts (I’ll leave you to discover the reference). The race of Joseph is always splendid company.

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