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Art Friday, Lent, Week 4

Somewhere this week, I was reading how icons are painted from darkness to light; that is, the darkest colors go on first, then the mid-tones, and so on. I was fascinated by that concept. I was trying to find some photographs I had taken at the Chrysler Art Museum last year- there was a whole gallery of iconography. They have tremendous depth- you as much as see through them as you see them in two dimensions. The really good ones almost make you feel as if you are viewing something in three dimensions, not two. So this week I wanted to play with that concept. The texture it creates is amazing. I played with this one using traditional colors- deep violet, forest green, ivory, metallic gold watercolor…I’m fascinated by what might happen if I used some non-traditional colors- what would that look like? I’ve been splitting my time between a few projects- one for a dear friend, one for a dream, and my exploration time. I feel like I have found a solid rhythm now, a workable rhythm, and it makes me so happy!

I don’t have any link love this week…not because there isn’t any, but because I am woefully behind on reading. Which is okay, but I love bringing out things that inspire me creatively, artistically, and spiritually. So here’s the deal- leave a link for something you wrote or something you’ve read this week that has inspired you. I’d love to hear what’s on your mind!

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