Art Friday: Lent, Week 1

The view over the kitchen sink…just a little reminder for the lenten season. I’m trying to ignore the spider webs and nests in the window. (We’ve been besieged by the things. Every window looks like this, and I can’t keep them un-cobweby before a whole new family moves in. Same for wasps. It’s kind of gross. Vagaries of an old house, I guess.) I’m also trying to ignore the wonkiness on this card. I had begun the base of it working with Shiva paint sticks, playing around with resists; sort of layering different designs. I like the handwriting above the ‘beautiful’, and even though the beautiful is a little wonky, it’s okay; but then the below ‘in His time’, I don’t like at all and it gets lost in the design below. I’ll probably work on it a bit more until it ‘sings’ to me.

The first week of Lent. My intentions for Lent are for healing of mind and body. Intentional turning away from some things and a very intentional turning to other things. Art for one. I’ve got a lot of processing I need to do. I do that best when I am creating, when there is paint on my fingers and paper cuttings in my hair. I’ve been very purposeful about making space for creating in the byways of my day. I sort of doubt that it would be sustainable long term (as it is necessary for other things to take a back burner), but I’m beginning to find a rhythm that I think I can carry into the days after Lent is over. Having a dedicated space and being able to just let things lay there until the next time is a big help in that. I don’t have to worry about cleaning up and come right back in and pick up where I left off.

I’m taking a full break from Facebook, and a partial fast from Twitter and Pinterest and the blog here, except for Art Fridays. A lot of people probably wouldn’t find a fast from social media necessary. I do; it comprises a lot of the ‘clutter’ of my days, and in order for me to hear, I’ve got to get it out of the way. (And I truly don’t judge anyone who doesn’t fast or doesn’t give a hooey about Lent. Please don’t think that I am condemning anyone.) I need a lot of Quiet. This is one of the ways, each year, that I find it.

As is true of Lent, I find myself in a very reflective mood. I thought I’d share my two favorite artists to follow on Pinterest; their boards are often ones I turn to when I need to refresh and renew.

The first is Gennine’s. Her blog can be found here. Her Pinterest board can be found here.

The second is Nance. Her beautiful blog can be found here. She has all sort of amazing collections in her stream on Pinterest; her collections run along abstract lines, and her posts in my stream never fail to inspire when I’m creating. (And, I might add, it’s quite the education too. I’ve learned so much about different artists lately because of Nance.) You can find all of her boards here.And…last but not least…John never fails to make me think. I like his post on Lent: The sweet return, and his deep affection for numbnuts, as I find myself resembling that description more than often. (And I really enjoy his subtle sense of humor, obviously.) He publishes poetry via the blog at least two or three times a week. Don’t miss it.


3 responses to “Art Friday: Lent, Week 1”

  1. Joy, thank you for pointing people over my way…it means more than you know.

  2. I’m looking back and enjoying these…thanks for the links!

  3. thanks for the mention. pinterest really is a fun place isn’t it? i know what you mean about taking time off of the social media. it’s a good practice.

    gennine has a wonderful style. i am amazed at how prolific she is.

    and john b., i am always amazed with his writing.

    good to hear from you.

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