Photo Challenge: 7/10

I am trying not to fall off the wagon…it’s just been a rough couple of days over here. James’ dad was readmitted to the hospital (complications of congestive heart failure)- my last day at work is this Friday. (More on that later. It’s totally good and I am happy and at peace with leaving.) I’m going to try to come back and pick up the ones I’ve missed in the next few days. It’s been a pleasant accompaniment to this new season I’m transitioning into. Please keep my father-in-love in your prayers if you could. His stays in the hospital are increasing in frequency…we never quite know where the journey with his illness will take us next. (And again, the beauty of homeschooling, that we can pick up and spend time with him in the hospital and still keep moving forward in our learning.)

7. Favorite 10. Childhood (See those toofies peekin’s out?)


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