January Photo Challenge: Days 4-6

So maybe I’ll be posting in triads. That’s fine with me.

4. LetterboxYes, I realize it isn’t a real mailbox, but this little number has been a solid part of my life for a year and a half. I wanted to capture that piece of history as I look forward.

5. Something You WoreMy beloved got me these slippers in early winter- actually booties- and my, if they aren’t already well (worn) loved. With wood fire being our main heat, the wood floors can get so cold, especially in the morning. Woe betide you if you step out upon them in the wee hours unshod. You will wake right up. Yes siree.

6. Makes You SmileMy little art studio space, tucked now into the master bedroom, where the best natural light is in the whole house. (This is the view from our bed.) The sheer irony of breaking my wrist is tempting me beyond measure to do stuff I really shouldn’t without hurting my arm. I was so excited to move into this space, and now, I test my patience and self control. The beautiful print of roses is from my dear friend and uber-talented photographer, Kelly Sauer.


One response to “January Photo Challenge: Days 4-6”

  1. Your pictures and words made me smile…Thank you…I love my slippers in the morning, too : ) Sorry to hear about your wrist…the waiting for healing is rough…went through that last year w/ my ankle.

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