creative capers

A wander of a poem…

There is grace

in the curling blue

a downy soft landing

for the shattered tenacity of breath

infinite dust

returns to dust

and yet

prism light scatters

a mosaic of essence true.


    • Joy

      ‘Shattered tenacity’ really spoke to me too.

      It made me think of us, living on the edge of the Spirit world, not quite in, not quite of, betrayed by flesh that fails us in our health, and how we keep fighting for the edge without falling over…

    • Joy

      LL~That you pulled that out makes me glow–I think it was the crux of the poem for me. I’ve been thinking long about your post on symmetry on Love Notes to Yahweh….I’ve just been thinking about that paradox a lot lately….that push-pull of faith and pursuit of truth. This poem was my desperate attempt to get from head to paper that thought process. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that pull to scribble. It was like a comforting shawl wrapped about me.

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