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Clarity of purpose…

This week is quickening by in bright flashes of cool autumn’s-almost-here air and baby girl’s giggles. My jaw is as sore as can be, but no sharp knives of pain anymore. I have all the more sympathy for my teething one after this little adventure last weekend. My goodness. No wonder they are so miserable!

I am all the more aware of how precious these days are as they slip past…jewels like sand through the fingers. As I have continued to heal over this last month or so, it as almost as coming out of a deep sleep- seeing so many things in Technicolor after so many shades of gray. Are the windows that dirty? This room needs a bit of something…oh wait, oh wait…I’ve got to draw that before I forget! All these things that used to mean so much to me- nesting, caring for my family, making sure the laundry smelled of sunshine- the things, the skills, the dreams- that I had feared lost have only been down for a long winters’ nap. I laugh again, much to my husband’s delight. We got into an absolute fit of tiredest giggles last night that makes me grin wide this afternoon to think of.

I know this seems the strangest note- but did you know I have little girls? Real, living, breathing princesses in my midst? When I grew ill, Lorelei was more baby/toddler than girl, and now she is most definitely all girl, with princess crown and ballet shoe…and I am dearly enjoying this (quieter, cleaner, pinker) journey with my girlies. I caught this picture of them the other day. Notice there is not a stray dirty knee nor stick used as sword nor…smell… that seems to hang about when the boys have been long outside…

I must tell you, it is a new thing. I’ve grown so used to boys and their noisy tumble-down selves, I’m feeling a bit kerflomoxed at this new development. And ballet! My goodness, Lorelei-girl floats about the room like a butterfly more than she walks the ground. 

I found this prayer the other day, and it seems to say it all for me. It is here that my heart is resting.

O Lord my God, I am not worthy to have you come under my roof; yet you have called me to stand in this house, and to serve at this work. To you and to your service I devote myself, body, soul, and spirit. Fill my memory with the the record of your mighty works; enlighten my understanding with the light of your Holy Spirit; and may all the desires of my heart and will center in what you would have me do. Make me an instrument of your salvation for the people entrusted to my care, and grant that by my life and teaching I may set forth your true and living Word.


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