To Start Again…

Let’s start at the very beginning…a very good place to start…

I can hardly believe that it the middle of August.

I can hardly believe I have a rather tall third grader. Or kindergartner for that matter.

It seems like it was just a few sleeps ago that I started teaching Ben his ABCs and we began this homeschooling adventure; and here we are, with three students of the Messicrew Academy. Time is flying!

It seems as if all is fresh and new in an entirely different way this year. For the last three years I’ve either been pregnant, or in the case of last year, pregnant & sick with weird asthma issues, and I must say- I did not realize how much of an effect being ill can have upon your outlook. This is the first year that I don’t feel incredibly overwhelmed by the prospect of beginning our school year. Perhaps that is because this is the first year of schooling that I haven’t been desperately sleep-deprived. I’m not sure. These last few weeks since we have found and eradicated the mold (and have treated me health wise in regards to a mold reaction) have resulted in a day by day improvement in my health. As my health has improved, so has my emotional outlook. I cannot tell you how profoundly the two have been linked; perhaps in a much deeper way than I truly thought. To begin to feel like cooking and exploring and teaching and adventuring and all those things that go into being mama and actually be able to do those things? A gracious gift.

Here are our ‘first day of school’ pictures. Enjoy!

(Yes, those are gun muffs/ear muffs- that block out sound? More on that tomorrow.)

Mexican for dinner. Skinny Taco Dip and Crockpot Taco Chili, leftover from a few nights ago, rewarmed. (Otherwise known as mama forgot to think about dinner and had to scrounge. Pretty yummy scrounging, if I do say so myself. And colorful too!)


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  1. LOVE the first day of school photos!!! Your little ones are becoming big ones so quickly!

    I’m praising God for your returning health and enthusiasm. You’ve been through quite a time! And yes, being chronically ill or ill for an extended period takes a toll on the emotions, the outlook, the joy and hope. We don’t mean for it to, we don’t want for it to, but it does. Grab hold of the moments that you feel well and live them like crazy. Step back and spend time resting when you must. Seek His face always. Know that these times are shaping us into the women we are to be. Thank God that He sees us ‘finished’!!

  2. Grandma Kathy Avatar
    Grandma Kathy

    Thanks for sharing. You KNOW I love these kids and you too. 🙂 Sending postcards in the mail today to them!!

  3. ha! “will trade sister for tractor” – that’s the best shirt ever!!!!
    They are getting so big! When did that happen?

  4. So excited for you and them. Feeling well physically makes all the difference. So relieved the mold thing is under control and your feeling better. Things are much better around here now that I am sleeping again. I’m pretty excited to get going myself. And times does fly so fast. I have a 6th and 3rd grader with a cute toddler who wants his own “wok” (work) too.

    Love the pictures. This is the first year I plan to do pictures when we begin. I also plan to measure and weigh and then “try” to start a little scrpabook page for each of them. Maybe the actual scrapping will happen once they are in college :o)

    The ear muffs…..genius! I never thought of that. I think you’re onto something :o)

  5. I’m curious: are your kids doing the homework with the blocks and headphones? I’m a teacher and here we don’t have this yet.

    1. Hi Jacque,
      Those are actually earmuffs, not headphones. I’ve found it helps my son Isaiah, who has sensory processing disorder, to focus on his work without being disturbed by the other kids. I do have them work though the lesson that Mr. Demme teaches via the DVD with headphones on while watching the DVD, but most of the time, they work independently.

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