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A Week in the Life, Day 3

Wednesday was a (very) quiet day at home. Elliana had been up most of the night and well into the morning. It was nearly 10 am before she finally fell back asleep. Unfortunately, I fell asleep while nursing her, and Josiah took the advantage and pulled out all of the books off the bottom shelf of the bookshelf. We had our usual for lunch: peanut butter and jelly, crackers, and peaches. I caught a picture of David and Josiah during nap time, and one of a sneaky Lorelei who wasn’t sleeping. We’ve been without air conditioning for three weeks now, during one of the hottest heat waves on record of course. In the hottest of the afternoon hours you’ll find us stationed in front of the fans, in various stages of lethargy and melting; I’ve tried to remind the kids to drink as much water as they need each day.


  • Sandi

    Good Morning Joy,

    You have been so on my heart this morning friend, Been praying for you and yours. I am thinking through our learning for the up coming season this week. Been praying for wisdom and clarity for you there too on top of everything else.

    Blessings and love

    • Joy

      Sandy~ Thank you, dearie! I promise I have my school-y post almost ready to go up…I got knocked all sideways with that stupid mold thing. Hopefully, if work isn’t SUPER crazy tomorrow, I’ll get more of the posts up. Unfortunately, they were various states of editing and not a one of them done. I still have to post the last two days of Week in the Life, LOL! Your prayers mean so much. I’m tired of being mad about the crazy- I’ve decided to get glad!

  • Deidra

    These pictures make me smile. We didn’t have air when my children were young. When I think hard, I remember the melting on the couch. But mostly I remember moments like the ones you’ve captured here.

    So sweet…

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